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TeaTalk: TSwift is the energizer bunny

Pinkies up because it’s TeaTalk time. I just got back from a trip with my dad in North Carolina for the U.S. Open Preview. It was such a great time on the green that I still catch myself practicing my backswing. Habits, you know?


  1. 🎤 Taylor Swift is back in action on her Eras Tour, kicking things off in Paris… But this time, she had to add a whole nother era with the release of The Tortured Poets Department. Is the show going to be four hours now?

  2. 📺 Apple and Netflix want to change how they pay writers, directors, and actors on its films and shows, switching from a model that paid a lot on the front end (so that they could win projects) to paying more on the backend (to keep costs down and reward for strong “performance”).

  3. 🏈 After adding Hulu as a tile to its service, Disney+ will also add an ESPN tile later this year… completing Disney+’s transformation into a “general entertainment” streamer.

  4. 🎢 Netflix is building its own theme park… inside Roblox. Hold up — just going to jump in the virtual queue for the Stranger Things ride.

  5. 📱 Meta announced three new paid verification tiers for businesses, which include new perks like adding links to Reels and “priority” customer support.


After you start really building a following, brands are going to come calling to collab. But figuring out which brands you should partner with takes a bit of a personal compass. 

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Authenticity is still key. Only pick brands that align with your interests and make sense for your own brand. Your enthusiasm for the brand will be natural, and your followers will be able to tell.

  • Know your followers. Understanding what your followers are interested in will help you better decide which brand partnerships are worth your time and worth their attention.

  • Quality always beats quantity. Although saying yes to every paycheck is tempting, being selective with your partnerships signals to your followers that this is a credible brand and a genuine relationship.

  • Build a long-term relationship. By focusing on partnering with brands that want to grow with you, you can better align your content with their businesses and mutually adjust strategies to better reach your audience.

Last but not least, transparency is your friend. Brand partnerships are, for better and worse, a part of your story. Being upfront with your followers about your brand deals and backing brands that make sense with your narrative is the best way to respect yourself and your audience.


  • “CAN I BE HONEST? IS THIS A SAFE PLACE?” — Ryan Gosling’s hilarious response to W Magazine has people showing off the things they really don’t like.

    Takeaway: Use this sound for a video or fit check, or add some text to make the comedy soar.

  • “LET’S F@CKING GO? I GUESS?” — This sound, taken from a video of creator Cody Ko, is being used to show people reluctantly going along with something weird or crazy.

    Takeaway: Use for a video, montage, or fit check… and don’t forget that adding some text only ups the comedy.

  • “SHORT HAIR REVEAL” — The sound from creator h0rnrydanger went viral with women showing their new short hair.

    Takeaway: Use sincerely with a quick cut from your long hair to your new short hair, but also mix things up with some comedy by showing yourself doing the haircut yourself in the most chaotic way possible.


Dad and I feeling pro.


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