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TeaTalk: Siri, take me to Coachella

April 11th, 2024

What’ve you been up to lately? I just got back from Arizona for the Final Four. It was cool to see UConn win back-to-back national championships after their victory last season. And now, I’m headed to Indio for Weekend 1 of Coachella. Who’s everyone excited to see? LMK below.👇


Courtesy of YouTube

  1. 📺 Multiview, which was a big part of the NFL Sunday Ticket experience, will be available during Coachella livestreams on YouTube  letting you watch up to four different concerts at the same time.

  2. 🛍️ YouTube is launching a new feature called “Shopping Collections” that allows creators to curate products from their favorite brands for their communities.

  3. 🏀 Women’s sports are finally getting the attention they deserve, with new TV rights deals encouraging bigger profiles and more exposure.

  4. 🎼 Spotify’s new AI-generated playlists based on text prompts will give every user the ability to feel like the main character in a movie.

  5. 🌟 Surprise... ALL 8 episodes of the new series Fallout are available to stream now on Prime Video. The weekend came early.

What Coachella headliner are you excited to see?

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It’s no secret that I’ve evolved as a creator since my Sway House days. My audience isn’t just part of my success; it’s why I continue to create content. Building and maintaining a community is super important to making it as a creator. 

So, if you're looking to create a community of your own (or keep yours thriving as you try new things), here’s my two cents:

  • Engage like you mean it. Communities thrive on interaction, not just one-way communication. So, really chat with your followers — answer comments, slide into DMs, ask what they think — and let them grow alongside you. It makes them feel important and sometimes even gives you ideas to make your stuff better.

  • Leverage collaborations. The internet moves fast, and so should we. One cool way to keep up and get more people checking you out is by teaming up with other creators. They can show their fans what you're about, and you can share new stuff with your crowd. Win-win.

  • Gradual innovation. Introduce new content, formats, or ideas gradually. It gives your fans time to adjust and usually makes them more into trying out new things. Taking it slow with changes can keep your existing followers happy and not feeling left out.


  • “PRAISE JAH IN THE MOONLIGHT”This track from YG Marley (which samples his grandfather Bob Marley’s 1978 song “Crisis”) is currently the most-trending sound, and this clip from Leah Halton is its most-watched lip sync video.

    Takeaway: Bob’s iconic reggae sound still resonates with younger generations. And nothing gives spring break more chill than island vibes.

  • “TIKTOK RIZZ PARTY”This video featuring a group of friends singing along to Kanye West’s “CARNIVAL” at “Jillian’s Sweet 16” party might be the most random thing to go viral in a while.

    Takeaway: People love to analyze a high school party. And they’re even willing to go so far as to create backstories for the “characters” at that party. LOL.

  • “TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART”This 1983 hit from Bonnie Tyler is surging in popularity because of, you guessed it, the epic solar eclipse on Monday.

    Takeaway: Celestial songs literally take off when eclipses happen.


House of Highlights’ Creator League Tournament in AZ this past weekend.


As always, reply to my email to ask me anything. If you know me, you know I will reply and who knows, you may get feature if you share something 🔥