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☕ TeaTalk: Prime basketball

Welcome back to TeaTalk! I’ll be hitting up a handful of the over 400 shows popping up around LA for the Netflix is a Joke comedy festival this weekend, so I’m sure to see a few familiar faces. Also, I’m shooting a live show with Jake Shane today for Amazon Live — tune in here at 1pm PST.


  1. 🦌 Baby Reindeer has defied the odds to become the hit show of the moment, racking up 22 million views in just two weeks. Now, I’m constantly on the lookout for stalkers.

  2. 👠 The Met Gala is going down Monday with a “Garden of Time” theme… so expect X to blow up with images of both the creatively cool and the downright wacky.

  3. 🎤 Just as Drake was forced to pull down his new diss track, “Taylor Made Freestyle,” Kendrick came firing back with “euphoria.” This beef has hit a new level.

  4. 🏀 Amazon’s Prime Video is in the pole position to clinch a major deal for NBA rights after the 2024-2025 season — a first-of-its-kind streaming deal for the league.

  5. 📹 YouTube has made video podcasts the hottest thing for both your ears and eyes, pushing podcasters to shell out a little more money to add some production value to conversations.

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For the creators who are just getting started, I think there are a few key things you should keep in mind.

  • Audience matters, not size. Whether it’s 10 people or 10,000 people, figure out how to best connect with your audience in a way that’s engaging and exciting. Community is about quality, not quantity.

  • Authenticity is currency. Don’t change who you are when you get popular. Those early followers are your biggest fans and asset — their connection to your growth is what fires new audiences to check you out.

  • Diversify across platforms. Every platform has a strength — YouTube gives longevity, livestreaming gives plenty of facetime, and TikTok and Instagram allow you to flex your creativity and keep up with trends. Use each to your advantage.

I know, that’s a lot to remember. But keeping up shows that you care… and audiences care only when you care.


  • “HELL N BACK” — This song from Bakar & Summer Walker is taking off as an ode to the people who make your daily life better.

    Takeaway: Put your best friend, pet, or significant other in a video or carousel for the feels… but don’t be afraid to put something unexpected instead for the lolz.

  • “SWAN LAKE RAGE” — This piece of classical music from the famous ballet Swan Lake has been hijacked to show people’s over-the-top rage at something.

    Takeaway: Whether using it for a carousel, video, fit check, montage, or text, the goal is to be very, very dramatic.

  • “YOU WOULDN’T LAST AN HOUR…” — This clip from Taylor Swift’s single, “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me,” is being used by people to show off the weird places or situations they grew up in.

    Takeaway: Perfect for a video or carousel as long as you hit that reveal just right.


Anthony Reeves and I on our last livestream.


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