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TeaTalk: Paris power players

It’s a new week, which means I’m back with a fresh pot of TeaTalk. I’ve been teaching Gabi golf this week. After a few days,  it really feels like we’re getting into the swing of things. Sorry, guys, I had to.


  1. 🏆 NBC Universal is pulling out all the stops for its coverage of the Paris Olympics this summer, streaming 24/7 coverage on Peacock, tapping celebrity hosts like Snoop Dogg and Alex Cooper, and debuting an on-screen heartbeat monitor for parents watching their kids compete.

  2. 📺 Netflix announced that it’ll stop sharing how many subscribers it adds every quarter starting next year, focusing instead on the things Wall Street cares about like profit and engagement. Is this the end of the streaming wars?

  3. 👟 Basketball star Caitlin Clark, the #1 draft pick for the WNBA, is getting her own shoe with Nike after signing an eight-figure endorsement deal.

  4. Apple TV+ is about to get more soccer, getting close to signing a deal with FIFA to bring a new monthlong, World-Cup-style tournament to the streamer.

  5. 🎤 Stagecoach is hitting the California desert this weekend, and Rolling Stone has a great roundup of the best acts set to play. Who’s going?


Knowing how to spot and use trends on TikTok is so important for growing your audience and landing on the coveted For You page. Here’s how I’ve done it:

  • Search on Discover. The Discover page is the go-to place to find what’s trending, with the buzziest hashtags, sounds, and challenges popping up there daily.

  • Follow the tastemakers. Keeping track of what top creators are doing is important for staying on top of what’s trending.These are the names of those who’ve made staying on trend their job.

  • Actually do the trends. Whether it’s sounds, dances, or challenges, participation is crucial. Look at how your favorite creators are incorporating them for extra inspiration.

Also, remember that your community has your back. Check the comments on your videos to see what your followers are recommending, giving you a heads up about, or even requesting that you do. That engagement is a goldmine.


  • “I CAN DO IT WITH A BROKEN HEART” — This trend borrows a line from the hit Taylor Swift song to show how people can still get things done even when they’re all up in their feelings.

    Takeaway: Do a lip-sync, day-in-the-life, or even a comedic skit of working through your tears.

  • “NO ONE HAS MADE THIS DRAMATIC OF A CHANGE” — This sound from an interview with JoJo Siwa has become firepower for users to pair it with the most undramatic stories or epiphanies.

    Takeaway: Pair the story with text or play it for extra comedy with an ironic fit check or carousel.

  • “MY LIFE WAS BLACK AND WHITE” — This sound from the Tom Hanks-starring movie A Man Called Otto has gone viral, with people sincerely talking about a loved one or comically sharing something silly they love.

    Takeaway: Whether going serious or comedic, it works for a video clip, montage, carousel, or almost anything else.


Pickleball power with Brianna Chickenfry


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