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TeaTalk: Creators vs. the United States

Time to spill some TeaTalk! I’m in NYC for a photo shoot this week, so give me a shout if you see me on the street. And some personal news: I just moved into my new house, which I’m super excited about. Who should I invite to my housewarming party?


  1. 🎥 The 2024 Cannes Film Festival has been going down this past week, giving people their first look at films like Anora, Megalopolis, Rumours, and The Substance… all movies you might not have heard of yet, but will likely be all anyone is talking about when they release later this year.

  2. 👗 No surprise, but season 3 of Bridgerton is the must-see TV of the moment, racking up 45.1 million views on Netflix last weekend — the biggest debut of the show so far.

  3. 🧑‍⚖️ Eight TikTok creators are suing the US government over its divest-or-ban TikTok law, alleging that a ban would take away a unique form of expression that no other social platform can copy.

  4. 📱 Speaking of TikTok, the app is testing 60-minute uploads with some creators. Do you think YouTube is sweating?

  5. 🧠 Elon Musk’s Neuralink got the greenlight to implant its brain chip in a second person… after fixing some issues that led to the first patient’s chip coming partially unlatched. Everything about this is wild.

Would you ever get a brain chip?

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The Minnesota Timberwolves claw back a win against the Denver Nuggets

  • Down by 20 in the third quarter, the Wolves made the biggest comeback in a Game 7 in over 25 years.

  • Six Wolves players scored double-digits.

  • Minnesota improved to 2-0 in Game 7 in franchise history and is the NBA's only undefeated franchise in Game 7.


  • “WHO YOU THINK YOU’RE EMAILING” — This trend, using a sound from creator Suzette, is popping off for users showing their professional selves from 9-5 and then their real selves after work.

    Takeaway: This is all about creating the biggest contrast possible, so combine video clips, put up a carousel, or get creative with a fit check to show off both sides of yourself.

  • “GIVE ME EVERYTHING” — This song from Archer Marsh has taken off after being featured in the last episode of Bridgerton season 3.

    Takeaway: All about those reaction videos! So go for a classic in-the-moment setup or hit us with a POV.

  • “KING CHARLES PORTRAIT REVEAL” — Using a video from I Green Screen Things where they remove the painting of King Charles’ portrait reveal (the really red one), users are filling in the space with their own images or videos.

    Takeaway: Comedy is king here, so put in the most absurd thing that comes to mind.


BTS from the sketch “Alien Frat” with Sam Hutchinson.


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