TeaTalk: In my cowboy era

We’re back again with another edition of TeaTalk! I’m bouncing around this week — just got back from Universal with the fam, and I’m headed off to Phoenix to see the Final Four. I’ll be playing in a celeb basketball game at Grand Canyon University with Duke Dennis and Kai Cenat on Friday and another 3v3 game sponsored by House of Highlights on Sunday. Let me know if you catch one!


  1. 🍺 Amazon Prime’s Road House remake racked up 50 million global viewers in just two weeks — the most for a Prime Video original movie ever. Shoot me a message if you also thought it rocked.

  2. 🤠 Beyoncé's country album, Cowboy Carter, is breaking streaming records left and right on Spotify and Amazon Music, including being Spotify’s most-streamed album in a single day so far this year.

  3. 🎮 Hollywood’s next franchise era is all about video-game IP after The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Sonic the Hedgehog, and The Last of Us have all become monster hits.

  4. 👔 LinkedIn is the next social-media platform to embrace the short-form craze — it’s introducing its own vertical feed of videos. I’ll be doing the same skits… just now with a tie.

  5. 🏀 The March Madness Final Four is going down this Saturday, with NC State taking on Purdue (who hasn’t been in the Final Four since 1980) and Alabama battling UConn. Who are your favorites to win?

How many times have you listened to Cowboy Carter?

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In today’s world, culture and trends feel like it moves faster than our ability to make relevant content, so learning how to build a following while embracing change takes some planning. Here are some things I’ve learned:

  • Pushing yourself is key. Like trends, you have to keep evolving. Keep honing your craft and switch things up when they’re not working. Analytics are your friend.

  • Stay the course. Even as you introduce changes, remember that your authenticity and passion is why people will want to follow you in the first place.

  • Tell a story. The story is who you are as a creator and what you contribute to the conversation. So, make sure you have a purpose for the content you want to make, and let that be your guide.

Even as the world keeps spinning, if you keep loving what you put out into it, your fans will love it right back. Never underestimate that.


  • “CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER” — This trend sees a couple take fighting stances like characters in Street Fighter, set to a remix of New Order’s “Blue Monday.”

    Takeaway: Hilariously work out your sibling/parental/couple rivalry with text over the video playing out like dialogue from a movie as you strike a fighting pose.

  • “ID RATHER TAKE MY WHISKEY NEAT” — This sound bite from Hozier’s “Too Sweet” is used to show a glow up from your past self to your current self… or that of a celebrity crush.

    Takeaway: Works for a perfect image or video transition, carousel post, or fit check.

  • “LONG WAY 2 GO” — Dexter Carr put some moves on the classic track by Cassie, which already has all of TikTok giving it a shot.

    Takeaway: Try out the biggest dance trending right now… or parody it with your own moves.


Kicked off my Amazon Live show with Gabi, Olivia, and my mom.


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