TeaTalk: Coachillin'

TeaTalk is back again and coming to you live from my Coachella recovery. I was in Indio for Weekend 1, which was a trip. I might have to livestream all the fun from weekend two. Who’s going?


  1. 🎤 Speaking of Coachella, the Los Angeles Times has a great roundup of some of the best things that happened — can’t beat Will Smith coming out to rap “Men in Black” during J Balvin’s set.

  2. 👩🏼 TikTok is developing a feature that would let brands generate virtual influencers and ad scripts. It’s definitely the year of AI.

  3. 🏈 Streaming services that carried NFL games in the run-up to the Super Bowl — Paramount+, Peacock, and Prime Video — all saw major subscriber and engagement gains.

  4. ⚾ Fanatics announced that it will launch the “Comic-Con of sports” this August in New York, bringing in heavy hitters like Tom Brady and Derek Jeter to participate. Where do I sign up?

  5. 🥊 Drake and Kendrick Lamar are turning up the heat on their beef, with the latest shot seemingly coming from Drake in a diss track titled, “Push Ups.” One problem, though: it might actually be a deepfake.

What team are you on?

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You need a singular voice to make it as a creator, but collaborating with others can unlock a new level for your content. Here’s why collaborations were a game changer for me.

  • It diversifies your content. Working with others brings new ideas and perspectives to the table, making your content fresh and attracting an unexpected audience.

  • It makes you more credible. Getting the seal of approval from another creator builds trust with their audience and keeps your audience excited for something unexpected.

  • It supercharges your creativity and motivation. Nothing is more inspiring than bouncing ideas off another creator you respect, which can spark even more passion for whatever you’re working on next.

  • It allows for cross-promotion. Finding an untapped audience to share content with is a huge win, and you’ll only get more eyes on your content when another creator is involved.

When done right, collaborating is a win-win situation, so don’t hesitate to search for a creator you gel with and then shoot off a DM. You never know what can happen.


  • “WHAT’S UP, BROTHER?” — The catchphrase popularized by the video game streamer Sketch has become a hit with gamers, girlfriends, and college sports teams.

    Takeaway: Montage you testing out the catchphrase at any event to see who’s in on the joke.

  • “YEAH, I DID, I THINK” — This original sound from Cali707Boy has taken off in videos where people admit to doing something embarrassing, strange, or wild.

    Takeaway: Put your admission in text and try your best to match the voice. The funnier, the better.

  • “I LUV IT” — This clip from Camila Cabello’s new single featuring Playboi Carti is the bop of the moment.

    Takeaway: Use it in a montage, dance video, fit check, or however you want to communicate that it’s party time.


Weekend 1 with my favorite person.


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