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We’re back for another edition of Tea Talk! I’m getting all the family time in this week — doing a livestream on Amazon Live with my fam today at 2pm PST, and my mom’s coming in this weekend to hang. Love it when we get everyone in one place.

I also stopped by Jake Shane’s Therapuss podcast last week, and we dug real deep. Give it a listen or watch, or however you take in podcasts these days.


  1. 🪄 Disney+ picked up a Wizards of Waverly Place reboot with the original cast, so my nostalgia is at an all-time high.

  2. 📢 All of the revelations from the Quiet on Set docuseries are also bumming out my nostalgia, but it’s good the truth is getting out there.

  3. 📏 TikTok is rewarding creators who post longer videos with its new “Creator Rewards Program,” which means I might need to drop full episodes of Read the Room right on Tik Tok.

  4. 🏃🏽‍♂️ NBCUniversal is putting the Opening Ceremony of the Paris Olympics on IMAX screens across the US, making an epic event somehow even more epic.

  5. 🎢 The world’s first theme park based on Dragon Ball is set to open in Saudi Arabia as part of its new massive entertainment project, Qiddiya. Looks like I got a trip to plan.

How long is too long for a TikTok?

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When trying to make new content on TikTok, success can come in a lot of different forms. For our sketch-comedy show, Read the Room, we gauged by more than just views.

  • We looked at audience retention. Were people enjoying what they saw and coming back week to week? That’s the true test of something having good audience engagement.

  • We monitored audience awareness. Watching how people found out new episodes were dropping and were sharing with friends helped us understand how a show grows.

  • We cared about community respect. We made the show to entertain people and push the envelope of how and where people watch premium content — and the community on TikTok responded in a hugely positive way.

Read the Room is just the start for us. We can’t wait to make more content that entertains and keeps people laughing. And knowing what resonates with audiences on TikTok only opens opportunities to make the next project even bigger and better.


  • “HELLO SHARKS” — This trend takes the iconic opening line and audio from Shark Tank to kick off your own pitch for what you would do with just a little money.

    Takeaway: Comedy is the goal here. Put the sound and your pitch in a POV, carousel, or ironic day-in-the-life video.

  • “someday i’ll get it” — This track from Alek Olsen blew up, bringing immediate feels to any sad or bittersweet story. Tears are optional.

    Takeaway: Works for any kind of post you can think of… except maybe a comedy sketch, but never say never.

  • “dc foginme” — This song by Matt has been the spark for a dance trend for a while now, but this post by Ricardo Anthony and his “where did she come from!?” sister has reignited it.

    Takeaway: Never underestimate the power of executing a trend so amazingly that it gives it a second life. It’s never too late to crush something.


At Landon Barker’s listening party with the boys.


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