Bringin’ that Kenergy

Welcome to the second edition of my new newsletter! I was at SXSW last week, where I got to do two of my favorite things — watch cool shows and play Pickleball. I even had a chance to check out the sneak peek of Fallout, which rocked.

Oh, and we dropped the finale of Read the Room a couple of days ago, so take a peek if you haven’t yet!


  1. 🏆 The Oscars brought the comedy (Ryan Gosling’s “Im Just Ken” performance) and the drama (Ryan Gosling “I’m Just Ken” losing the Oscar) on Sunday as Oppenheimer sweeped… but we all know the true MVP was the card covering John Cena.

  2. 📜 The House of Representatives passed a bill that would force ByteDance (a Chinese company) to sell TikTok in the US or face getting banned. Do they not like my videos or something?

  3. 🥊 Jake Paul and Mike Tyson are set to duke it out in a boxing match that will livestream on Netflix in July. That’s what I call appointment viewing.

  4. ₿ Bitcoin hit a record high of $72,000 this week, which I guess means crypto’s on its way to the moon.

  5. 🏀 Get your bracket predictions ready — March Madness’ Selection Sunday is this weekend. Who are you rooting for?

Who’s winning the Netflix boxing match? 🥊

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People always ask me what advice I would give new creators… and I’ve boiled it down to four things.

  • Give it your best right from the start. It doesn’t matter if you have twenty viewers or a million viewers, make your content awesome and engaging for the following you have. Growth will follow greatness.

  • Be authentic even when you get big. People follow you when they connect with your uniqueness. Getting big isn’t an excuse to get boring — it’s an opportunity to be truly original.

  • Post everywhere because your audience is everywhere. Go long on YouTube. Go short on TikTok. Go forever on streaming. Go poof on Snapchat. Each platform is a different stage to show off your creativity and diversify your content.

If you feel the need to entertain people — like I did — these things will never feel like homework. They’ll just be a fun challenge toward the goal of getting the world to recognize your talent.


  • MOB WIFE — A challenge to show off how much you can look like an extra from The Sopranos or a Martin Scorsese movie.

    Takeaway: Show off your expert fits in a carousel or creatively-edited video. Comedy optional.

  • ALL THAT WORK AND WHAT DID IT GET ME? — All about showing us those scenarios where you work hard for something and don't get as much as you expected.

    Takeaway: A day-in-the-life video is a great go-to, but you can also show your chops with a funny skit or meme.

  • IF I WON THE LOTTERY — Showing off what you would buy if money was no object (usually paired with the great Djo track, “End of Beginning”).

    Takeaway: This is where you get the show off your dream purchases or experiences — serious, ridiculous, and everything in between using a carousel or transitions.


Got something cooking for the new Fallout series…


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